Her world is moved by the impulse of feeling loved and in order for that appreciation to continue showering us with favors, we must not forget to reciprocate it from time to time, with romantic details and signs of appreciation that make that flame that keeps her alive, continue to light. .

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Sometimes we have the pieces of the puzzle itself in front of our noses and we are not able to see the whole landscape. We do not know if this blue piece is going to be from the sky, if it has a vocation for the sea or if it is the fringe of a handkerchief. Some essential pieces, the ones that are going to give meaning to the entire picture, tend to hide in unsuspected corners of our psyche and we only come across them afterwards. And it gives us the feeling that there is no way to make them fit into a conscious or usual landscape. With certain frequency, from the piece in question, we only get a key word, an aroma, the fragment of a dream… They cannot be considered memories strictly speaking, but traces, shadows, indications that we must follow attentively, as the little ones continue. the pebbles that mark the way back home, to find the deep meaning of what happens to us. Until one day the piece falls into place! It's a slow road, sometimes it hurts, but believe me, finding ourselves with the portrait of who we are, with a certain explanation of our fears, our passions, our sorrows and our preferences, in short, fitting the pieces of the puzzle itself to give it sense to the whole picture, it is very worthwhile!

Cultured, with a great sense of humor and a sensuality that overflows through all the pores of her skin. This is how Paola is, this young Latin escort with a luminous look and full lips. If you want to enjoy a fantastic GFE experience and feel accompanied at all times by the best girlfriend a man can dream of, Paola is the woman you are looking for. Curious and experimental, Paola will find a way to transform your most intimate fantasies into reality.

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The most important thing about this point is that you understand that the work you are doing by showing yourself as you are, and putting aside the beliefs of others is that you are going to learn that you can be with yourself and enjoy it and that exactly the same time you can be with one outfit or another and enjoy it just the same. It does not matter with whom you are sharing since the essential thing is that you are well inside and you could continue to enjoy yourself in any situation if you want it in this way.

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The other is infidelity due to public revenge, when a third person is directly used to harm the unfaithful partner, since the idea is that they find out that they are also unfaithful, this type of infidelity is more common in men, since they are not afraid to publicly show that they are cheating on their partner and want to harm them directly, the worst thing about this kind of infidelity is that practically always and in all circumstances it ends up bringing serious problems to all the people involved.

Videos can be useful in helping you teach your partner what you like and, more importantly, what you don't like. In fact, this is a perfect way to convey your sexual aversions to your partner in a neutral setting where there is no danger of hurt feelings. Think about it: If your partner tries something new in bed that you don't particularly care about, it can be hard to express your reaction in a way that doesn't hurt your partner's feelings. No matter how you phrase it, your partner is likely to take your dislike as a personal criticism, not just a dislike for that particular technique or move.

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When you feel that you are approaching the point of No Return, stop, breathe and gently contract the computer muscle around the prostate. In addition, you can also delay ejaculation by pressing the Million Dollar Point, using the scrotal pull, pressing on the tip of the penis with your finger, or using the psyche to do so. You can try and see which of these techniques works best for you, but the most essential thing is to be very attentive to your own arousal and stop in time, at least a few touches before reaching the point of No Return.

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I recommend that you make the massage a routine, rather, a ritual

With the prayer of a summer song I begin this article that I have been waiting for two days to publish. Today, June 1, it can be said that we are in summer, that season that changes everything, so different from the cold winter that lowers our libido.

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I remember the dirty Barcelona, worn out by the results of the war. I remember the evolution of the city, but my initial experiences are linked to a district Barna, in which a neighborhood life and spirit was still possible, in which there were characteristic district heroes, meeting places and perfectly shaped places.

The historical journey also forces us to mention the Egyptians, with their pharaohs and blogas, who considered their priests as the most precious asset, perhaps because they mastered the art of healing with great precision. Helped by the smells, the resins, the beeswax and even the colors of the environment, with their manipulations they managed to immerse the patients in a different world, almost in another dimension. If we take into account that they were also specialists in the handling of hallucinogenic substances, we will understand the fervor they provoked.