Another way to see the city is to rent a bicycle. It will allow us to see many places in a short time, making it ideal for a getaway of a few days. The cheapest sites we have found are these. Once the session has started and the candles have been lit, it is important to hold the flames away from the body and place the candles on a flat, stable surface. To act quickly in the event of an accident, it is advisable to have a damp cloth and a fire extinguisher close at hand.

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Likewise, it is asserted that before the proximity of the KaliYuga Mahadeva or the Lord of Yoga, he made a new revelation of it, with a methodology that is at the same time more comprehensive and better suited to the present decadent era.

We would all like, very surely, to go through and practice, one after one, each and every one of the postures collected in the Kama Sutra. But we know that dream can not always come true. Sometimes it is the lack of strength in the arms, for example, that prevents us from executing a certain erotic position while we have sex. In others, the one responsible for our inability to execute a certain posture is our lack of flexibility. For many people, low back pain or other back pain is responsible for not being able to exercise at work and enjoy certain postures of the Kama Sutra. Does that mean that these people should give up sex? No. Simply, they should look for suitable erotic positions for people with back pain.

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That social networks and the digital universe have revolutionarily altered our way of relating to friends, of socializing with them and of finding a partner is something that we have been repeating over and over again in many of the posts on our weblog. Now it is not enough to take care of our image and polish our manners when addressing a stranger in a nightclub or a pub. Now you have to know how to function on the internet and know the precise techniques to advertise conveniently and, therefore, to increase the chances of flirting.

It is generated within himself, he initiates it in her creating states between him and women, he maintains it and lets it build in the moment, thus giving the woman full permission to be in the moment and explore it.

In order to move in this Framework with congruence, you must have certain things in mind. Among them, that their weapons of a sexual nature do not impress you. In addition, you are the one who evaluates it, the one who judges it, and not the other way around. All things that are no longer new to us.

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In the practice of Japa, the problem arises as to which is the perfect mode of Brahman to which the invocation and meditation are directed: if it is the Brahman Nirguna, that is, the Brahman without attributes, or if instead it refers to the Brahman Saguna, that is, with attributes. According to certain tantrikas, the Sastra postulates that the Brahman that has to be venerated and meditated in the Gayatri is without attributes, but they clarify that the same scriptures order that at the time (at the moment) of the Japa (the recitation) and the Pranayama (the mind control) exactly the same Brahman must be contemplated with its attributes; these are obviously 2 rather difficult indications to harmonize.