When you talk to a woman, you mentally undress her, wonder what her pussy and boobs look like, wonder what dirty things she's done or does, wonder how many guys she's been with, and wonder what she's like in life. bed and what it would look like giving you a blowjob.

I show you the main signs to identify a toxic / harmful person. In order for you to value yourself and be aware that you deserve a happy life, not doubts and shadows, if you notice one of the following signs, stop the relationship and run for your life! notice you will get less damaged.

On the back, we deposit a methacrylate plate (transparent hard plastic, glass is discouraged for obvious reasons) that will allow us to treat ourselves to the vision of the delivery of our submissive while we can deposit on top the objects that we want to have our scope. It is better that the submissive holds the back arched, so that the transparent plate rests only on the most

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If someone is to be blamed for that, it is alcohol, which little by little began to do its thing

Incompatibility originates when people within a relationship are not made for each other. This is very difficult to admit since we tend to think that love can repair everything. An incompatible couple is not the same as a different couple. A different couple is enriched, although misunderstandings may sometimes arise; on the other hand, an incompatible couple has a different scale of values (See Point 1. Pages 2930).

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Like all dildos, the realistic dildo must be used using some type of lubricant. This, always advisable, becomes essential when the realistic dildo is used anally. We already know that the anus does not generate natural lubrication as the vagina does. In the case of anal use of the realistic dildo, it is also highly recommended to use the dildo using a condom that favors the proper hygiene of the toy.

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The interaction is possible due to the docility of the animal and above all its ability to connect without expecting much in return. Reciprocity is less due to the fact that people, when establishing a relationship, generally have a validity of reciprocity. For this reason, relationships are positive in childhood, since there is no equal fight against the demands or the lack of empathy from the rest.

What is the pledge of chastity?

The eagerness not to touch the temple of our sexual yearnings is very persistent, for that we invent churches and promote the blog and the mystical life in social terms. But, there is only one way to overcome the temple and that is by living in such a temple in us, there is only one way to overcome sex and that is to transform it into progressive sex in us.

Being single is something that catches my attention, because in a globalized planet, full of people with iPhones, tablets and profiles on Facebook, Twitter and singles pages, what men and women complain about the most is the lack of of couple

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They affirm the masochist points to the enjoyment of the Other. As I have shown you, this idea hides that in truth, ultimately, it addresses the anguish of the Other. This is what will derail the maneuver. On the side of the sadist. analog observation. What is clear is that the sadist seeks the suffocation of the Other. What is masked here in this way is the jouissance of the Other.

Help your partner become multi-orgasmic

With this, I only seek to exemplify somewhat the relevance of the fact that a person can come to think of you as a person. The truth is that in a relaxed and pleasant time in which you feel safe, it is very simple to relax and begin to trust people.

Going all or nothing may sound really good, however, it is wiser to start with small changes or you will create resistance, both from you and from women. Start with steady steps and with gradual intensity. And not just thirty days to, according to you, create a habit. Commit for life until such time as it is in your nature, or at least until you find something better. That will depend on you. If you know that without words you can initiate interaction, make physical contact a habit. It is a fantastic experience to notice how quickly they are interested in you, you will be able to go to places never conquered by man to do and undo. Once you see her on you, you won't need to chat much. Talking becomes secondary. You do not know what to say? Problem solved.

Singularly designed for masturbation are the vibrators that simulate being a tongue. Who masturbates with one of these vibrating tongues can let their imagination fly and meditate that the tongue that vibrates on their genitals and erogenous zones is not exactly an erotic toy made of silicone but the wet tongue of a lover who is giving himself with art insurmountable and calm wise to encourage with his tongue all those areas that, connected by endless restless terminals with the brain, floods it with a very pleasant sensation of well-being.

Phenomenon? pleasure, curiosity or

Finding out that your partner has a fetish can be upsetting at first. It's easy to wonder if your lover has been keeping sexual secrets all along. But remember that your lover is trusting you with his most terrifying and sexually exciting secret. Understand that your arousal from a certain setting or object is in no way a substitute for you; instead, her lover is saying that adding it to the fetish dynamic will make them feel sexually complete (and will create very hot sex) that they can both enjoy). Don't see the fetish as an opponent, or something you have to compete with for your partner's love and appreciation; instead, he uses the fetish as a tool to thrive and also accentuate his sexual arousal with you. A fetish shared by 2, after all, is a very specialized erotic toy, one that cannot be bought in any sex boutique.

As for money, it is true that sometimes money well spent on clothing or other changes in your aesthetic can offer results that are not insignificant, but my advice is not to obsess over it. If your budget is not very high, you do not have to cut your hair in expensive hairdressers or base your wardrobe on brands or designer clothes. One thing that has worked for me is investing once a year in a haircut from a reputable stylist, taking photos of the cut, and asking my regular barber to use them for successive cuts.

Do not hesitate: I will fill you with caresses and kisses and I will make you touch the sky with your hands

The text raises multiple questions of an ontological nature about what existed at the beginning of time when there was neither existence (Sat), nor non-existence (Asat), nor death, nor immortality, nor light, nor darkness.

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Also, sometimes, there are men who explore their autoeroticism moved by curiosity and the desire to extend in time, still living it well, such pleasant and exciting bodily sensations. And what can be discovered, letting ourselves be guided by this playful sense, can be truly surprising for many.