Looking into the eyes is an art in itself. It was very helpful for me to start by making my eyes have what might be called soft vision. This consists of endowing the eyes with a receptive quality, that is, making everything come to us from outside through them. If we use normal vision, what we do is look from the inside out; This phenomenon, however, can be reversed at will, that is, begin to look from the outside in just as if the world were looking at us through our eyes. As if they were windows, our eyes are simply here and open, receiving everything. And it is through these windows that the bright rays of the sun penetrate our interior space. The planet enters our body through our eyes. We allow everything within our sight to enter us through these two eye-windows, receptive, open and inviting. When your eyes meet those of your partner and you look at each other with tenderness and love, you let yourself be seen. This contact, the state of consciousness of the immediate, moves you very quickly to the present moment and you see yourself here making love with your partner totally rooted in the experience.

Chiropractic has proven without a doubt that any interference of nerve impulses reduces the strength of the organs. Most of these interferences are generated in the nerve branches that originate from the spinal cord, and pass through the openings that exist for them between vertebrae and vertebrae (see Fig.).

With these two elements in sync, the 2 people have an excellent chance of falling in love and developing a lasting relationship. People don't want to be alone, we are social creatures. When we find someone we like and who wants us in return, we leave our

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Having sex while standing allows you to be creative in many ways, such as having sex anywhere that allows you to stand up. To serve as an example, both the kitchen and the shower are great locations to have sex while standing, although the drawback with this position is that it does not allow maximum penetration. Overall penetration in this position can be difficult, and when that happens, it can be an essential mood killer. The benefit of this situation is that it lets your man have access to any of your body that he wants to touch, and he can easily close to your waist to encourage your clitoris.

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During the two hundred thousand years that human beings have been on Earth, the greatest cause of female mortality has been pregnancy and childbirth. Choosing the right man was a matter of life or death for the woman.

When you know in advance what you can do to change things in a moment, you give yourself the opportunity to get through the difficult moments quite quickly. Each and every discussion that turns into fights is based on cycles that lack compassion, understanding of the heart, inventiveness, tenderness, and love empathy. When people fight, they are usually blocked in the mind and not in the heart. When a person returns to his heart, he can change the whole situation immediately. Take the test, you will see that you will like it!

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By applying the cream indirectly, it is achieved that the person who suffers the burden, gives his brain, the order that it is not necessary to be Alert, and here, is where exactly, the relaxation process begins. But when you captivate you don't have enough time to meditate and you should take advantage of any advance you receive from your object's subconscious. Desire's subconscious had put her into Little Seducer mode by flirting with her appearance.

Instill values and principles always and in all circumstances through peace, and not through anger and violence

In the second exercise, the arms are bent with the elbows facing backwards as if they were pulling something towards the body, inhaling deeply and maintaining the maximum point of tension for 2 seconds and a maximum of 5. Later, the two arms forward in a movement simulating pushing something while exhaling, leading to a semi-flexion where all the tension will be exerted for a period of no less than 2 seconds and a maximum of 5 seconds.

Hello, my name is Rebeka, a loving and passionate young woman who with her kisses full of tenderness and sensuality will take you to the top … I am the woman you have always looked for for your whims in bed. I am made a cake with a Mediterranean flavor so that you can devour me to your liking. You also have to know that apart from the fact that I am a spectacular lover, I can be a society woman who will always and at all times be at your disposal to accompany you on dinners, evenings and business or pleasure trips.