Here is one of the curses that weigh on a woman: her splendor is instantly transformed into demand. As it is alienated in another, it also wants to recover, and needs to attach that other who retains its being. She gives herself entirely to him, but it is necessary that he be totally free to receive this gift with dignity. he dedicates his moments to him: he must be present at every moment; She only wants to live for him, but she wants to live! And she must dedicate herself to making him live.

There are girls who are with us temporarily and we think we have control, but when without being clear about the reason, they disappear from our side, we are really surprised, we do not understand very well what has happened, yesterday we were great … and the day of Today you tell me that you just want us to be friends?

For what reason? The explanation is not clear

It does not matter that the shelves of the sex shops are full of wonderful sex toys. It does not matter that the internet offers the possibility of acquiring any kind of erotic toy in any of the multiple sex shops that, like SexshopDreams, offer their services online to acquire in an easy, discreet and safe way that dildo that has caught our attention or that plug that, we think, will give us incredible moments of anal pleasure. There are people who, either in principle or out of an adventurous spirit, escape like a soul that carries the devil from everything that, according to them, sounds like commercialism. Hence, they reject the use of sex toys that great brands such as Lelo, California Exotic Novelties, Fleshlight, Doc Johnson or Tenga launch on the market and choose to use homemade erotic toys or, which is exactly the same, that they choose give use of erotic toy to the most unlikely objects that they can locate at home.

A sweet and passionate beauty that loves caresses and kisses

One fine day, while he was educating (also by decree) some young recruits, he met Sergeant Mayo, one of the few remaining Communist Cubans, advisers to the institutions of the Republic. During recess, Mayo approached him and whispered things into his ear. He explained that it was a man, but the sergeant didn't seem to mind, and so the tragic romance began. Rodolfito showed him the places in his city that Mayo would never know on his own. He took him to the recently remodeled Radio City cinema (where they could get their hands on it without inconvenience), he took him to the tolerant Los Caobos park, where there was a little corner where they could walk hand in hand that nobody cared about, and he even took him one night to a furtive gay bar, in which there was a Greek statue and you could dance stick. Mayo, for his, told him not to be confused, that he was not a queer, that what he was doing was making a reservation because Rodi had a good ass. But that was bullshit and Rodolfito knew it, even more, he knew that the sergeant was already madly in love. Over time, Mayo understood that to stay together they had to desert that outdated country, they had to flee to more tolerant lands, a place where Rodolfito could express himself and be happy, with which he proposed to her and planned the trip back to the Ultra-capitalist Republic of Cuba. His sister gave him the passport and, as that was the only country in the world where gay marriage was not yet legalized, the boy only had to comply with one requirement to pass the medical examination and obtain the pass for the long-awaited Cuban dream. Thanks to a gynecologist from Mayo, Rodolfo took the most important step of his life, he became Dolores (Lola) the flower of May and left for the island, literally leaving one of himself on home soil. His mother, the poor thing, buried the toletico and mourned him as deceased.

Sadly, one of the biggest drawbacks to staying power anxiety is pornography. This is because most sex education tends to focus primarily on anatomy and sexually transmitted diseases, doing nothing to chat about sexual pleasure, potency, and virility. Most of that kind of education comes from pornography and that causes a real inconvenience: pornography is nothing like real sex.

In the idea of reducing the risk, it is essential that the unfaithful attend with his wife the same show that he has gone to with his lover; thus, safely in front of her or third parties linked to the family can confidently make any comment on the subject.

Have you tried to prosper your relationship yourself or always and at all times you demand it from your partner?

Ok now think about your favorite food: Pizza? Hamburger? I do not know. A steak? Galician octopus? Now tell me, how could you have those moments of total happiness with your wine, beer or Coca-Cola on vacation, in front of the sea, eating that? How would you do it without teeth? you could not, no way! With what, if you had not had that bad time, today you would have to nourish yourself with baby food.

The desire may come on suddenly, or you may actively seek to be consumed with your libidinal drive. By fueling our sexual desire, desire prompts us to seek a partner, seek sexual opportunities, engage in sexual behaviors, and achieve sexual satisfaction. It is affected by our health, mood and attitudes, among a myriad of biological, psychological, social and relational factors.

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