Holding the woman in your arms, making her feel the rub of the erect penis on her bare skin, kissing her navel and her thighs … all these acts should lead little by little to that moment when the woman's lips are tremendous and red. and in which their sighs deepen. The sheikh, author of The Perfumed Garden, says that this is the precise moment in which the woman begs for penetration. Penetrating her at that moment and moving properly inside her vagina is, at that moment, essential to achieve that female pleasure reaches its maximum level.

At the beginning of the 20th century, women died giving birth to their children; Today you contradict your nature when you live in the fight for the right to avoid them if you don't want them. It is your duty to be secular that is at odds with your will.

So much so that in some ethnic groups religious meaning is given to sexual practices with the belief that they improve the being and that, in addition to this, they are a favorable means of approaching the supreme beings.

How do you know that it is time to quit?

When writing a piece of writing, due to the lack of skill of the writer, it usually turns out that the characters are made of cardboard. There is no room for nuance. This is seen in the preceding pages, by the fact that, in reality, there are no black and white, but rather gray. For example, these False Nymphomaniacs sometimes develop a better ability to manipulate, and then they manage to catch their prey. The same happens with those overwhelmed men who throw themselves on top of any woman and fill her with compliments, showing great love … for the fact that they want to be saved from their lack of self-esteem with a sexual success.

A Hindu teacher taught a little apprentice on the banks of a river about the meaning of the chakras; imagine the energy of your body flowing like this river, the water continues its course downwards forming pools on its way, these are the chakras, large deposits of energy. But what happens if the accumulation of branches, leaves, and garbage prevents the passage of water? Since the water cannot circulate properly and blocks the precise pool, the moment a chakra is blocked, something very similar to what happens with the pool occurs, the energy stagnates, preventing its normal flow and affecting the wells that are below. But what happens if we take out the garbage, if we suppress the waste, the branches, the problems, the toxic emotions, the delusions of thought, the fears and anguishes that keep us stuck? Water flows, energy flows and continues its course.

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You sure do not want to return from the place where she leads you

She is on the verge of having an orgasm, the Tigress takes her penis out of her mouth and distances her face about 5 or 10 centimeters without taking her eyes off the bullet. The objective is to imagine, before ejaculation, that all the energy of the Green Dragon penetrates the neck of the White Tigress. Close your eyelids and move your eyes upward for better viewing. As if he were observing his own brain. The semen is poured on the face of the Tigress, or on the body if she decides in this way, and lets it dry, as if it were a mask.

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I hate having only one person in control of my sex life. A prisoner to his whims or moods. Just doing what they like sexually. Just touching and fucking with her body. You can go weeks with nothing because you are out of town either sick or angry or depressed or passive violent or on your period. I am a truly sexual being and life is too short for that kind of commitment.

I make myself sick

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There are undoubtedly multiple other ways to test finesse. You can have your own. The important thing when showing them is to choose the middle ground. It is not a question of overdoing yourself. A box of chocolates on the first date is an elegant detail; a diamond necklace, something out of the ordinary and, most likely, almost insulting. The ideal is to show yourself as a normal boy who does not have a hard time having a detail with a girl that he likes.

The attitudes and learning that we can acquire to achieve success in our conquests is easy to achieve if we pay attention to our movements, words and thoughts, that the more honest and natural they are, accompanying them with cunning and love, they will take us with total security to the triumph sought.

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New shoes do not destroy their feet

This is a small advantage that we have over tourist girls (can't we talk since we use other weapons?), Who because of their culture, education or way of being are people who react differently to physical contact. Perhaps for them touching (not reaching out) is something very normal in their countries, a symptom of friendship and familiarity, unlike Spanish girls with whom you have to be really careful with Kino, you have to be the Spanish whore. make a progressive Kino, from less to more, however it is very rare that a foreigner feels uncomfortable by a Kino.

A positive association with the kiss is created in the Target's mind. By generating this just when the woman finishes laughing, her brain is then full of endorphins that will not disappear until later. Over time, he will attribute these to the effects of the kiss.

Lara is a beautiful young woman from Spain, who combines her work as a model with exclusive company services. A prostitute that exudes elegance and naturalness in every gesture. At his side, you will be enveloped in an atmosphere of authentic complicity. Literate and complex, she is the ideal company to make your travels an exciting and fun experience. In fear, you will discover a lover who is pure sensuality and eroticism who will give you the best moments of pleasure and relaxation that you can imagine.