In colonial New England, according to Jon Knowles, bedding was the consequence of the long distances that the couple had to travel to meet, as well as the cold and lack of heating. In this way, the engaged couples could share the bed although always and at all times fully dressed and putting between them a partition board, another custom inherited from the medieval times of courtly love, in which the gentleman and his lady slept together, naked, but with a sword drawn between them. Some have considered them predecessors of the Andalusian fence. When you already have your list and even if it was just one thing that you have written down, you should feel very good about yourself, enjoy knowing that you have that skill that few have, enjoy discovering that you are and that you are valuable. Do you believe? Wow, it wasn't that bad either … Sorry, Celeste said regretfully and looked down at the ground. And now what should I do? … Wait, someone calls me … Victor, honey, how are you? … Yes, when you affirm me. Where are we? But there is one drawback that they cannot be happy about and that is called children. Well, the man can ejaculate as much as he wants and the woman can get pregnant if she is not careful. The term PREGNANT is well chosen, since it is not a state of gestation, but of having lost the war against man. Since this puts her in front of the dilemma of aborting or having a child that chains her for life to motherhood. This situation has also made many women become proud and haughty. Another essential factor that has influenced to reach this attitude has been the macho society in which we have lived throughout almost the entire development of this civilization, where women have had to really speak out to be heard.